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Concrete Pumps USA

Hi Joe:

I did get the Footers last week when I got back to Ottawa and frankly I am astonished at the results. Under my Spectron power amps the Footers made a discernible improvement in clarity and somehow made for more musical flow.

Great performance and no need for me to think about support and isolation anymore and what I am going to do now with all those spare pucks, cones etc?!

I would like to order another set for my preamp when funds allow after the holidays! 

Best Wishes,
Steve West


Your damping system really works. I finally set up my system last week, after many fits and starts, and I've been doing some pretty serious listening since. I was so excited the first night I wanted to write you immediately, but I thought I'd let things cool for a while so I could be more objective in my impressions. No component upgrade, tweak, or gadget has ever come close to making an improvement to my system such as your damping system has. Not even close. It's like hearing the system for the first time. Mind you, I've had my Quad 57s and other equipment (c-j amp & preamp) since 1994 without any significant upgrades. I've changed a lot cartridges, a few cables, etc., but that's about it. So with this continuity I've grown accustomed to it's strengths and shortcomings. In other words I thought I knew what it sounded like in its essence. Now I'm hearing things I've never heard before. This isn't the usual audiophile yada yada either--you know, "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread". How many times have I heard that only to find out it was false. I'm hearing so much deeper into the music. The dynamic resolution is what really stands out. The bass reproduction is tremendous--and tremendously natural sounding. This is such a vast improvement in fidelity Joe. All I can say is your damping system works as you described it would. And mind you again, I've damped my rack on a wooded floor that otherwise would send the needle skittering across the record surface without the dampers. I can only imagine what it would sound like under more optimal conditions. As someone who has in the past succumbed to the latest fads in high end audio such as cones and pucks and whatnot, I was skeptical until I dropped the needle to the groove. No bullshit, adding this damping has transformed what I thought was already a really good sounding setup, something I was quite proud of and loved listening to, into something approaching the sublime. You have no idea how tremendously satisfying this is to me.

I'll stop rambling. I'm just really glad I looked into your stuff and took the chance. I think my instincts were right. I will certainly recommend your products with uncurbed enthusiasm. You have done a service to people in this hobby and I'm surprised not more people use them. They work.

I had over a guy tonight that I've gotten to know who's a pretty serious audiophile. He said my system was the most amazing thing he's heard in all his years of hi-fi. I had to tell him the secret was your isolators. He got very intrigued and took a good look at them.

Anyway, thanks for making some enjoyable nights, recently.

With all due praise,

Bill Steele


Mr. Ciulla:

Dave Smith here...I installed the 3 Footers under my Meitner player as per your instructions. I ended up using an equilateral triangle configuration with the apex at the rear of the player. I used 5 Pellets in the rear Footer and 3 ea in the front 2 Footers. There was a significant detail increase noticeable right away with an increase in vocal clarity and transients seemed to be quicker and tighter. I will more than likely be buying 3 more Footers in the very near future to place under my First Sound preamp.

Thanks again for a very well thought out and functional device.

Dave Smith

Hi Joe:

Hope this finds you well.  I've installed the Footers and am very pleased.  Great added value for the money.  A golden-ear friend of mine says that "the speakers have a better grip on the music" which I think describes things well.  Low level details are improved and there has been tremendous improvement in low frequency extension and articulation.  I now have VISCERAL bass and can unequivocally recommend the Ulysses to you...

Best Regards,

Mark Zobel (USA)


Hi Joe:

I just had some time and finally tried the EquaRack isolation on the speakers, great! I placed them between the stands and the maple base.  My room has a very bad platform floor so the change was probably bigger than usual, still all the little bass nodes disappeared and the imaging improved markedly.

Hope all is well,

Lou Hinkley

Hi Joe:

Your Speaker Mounts arrived yesterday. After weighing the speakers (front and back), I started the process of calculation, complicated by the need to convert kilogram into pounds (why can`t you Americans do as the rest of the world: use the decimal system in weights and measurements!). The result of the calculation was to use 5 pellets in each speaker mount for the back of the speaker and 7 for the front mounts. Installing the mounts under the speakers went well. But I must say that I initially became a bit skeptical, thinking that the speakers were more "wobbly" than I expected.

I managed a short listen before I went to bed yesterday. And first impressions were good indeed. The skeptic in me started to go away - and the verdict is: there is no way you will get your Speaker Mounts back!

I am thoroughly convinced of the very great beneficial effects of the mounts: bigger and fuller soundstage, but at the same time better definition of instruments and being able to hear the different strands in the music. And a strange, eerie feeling of, where have the speakers gone!? A naturalness to the flow of music which is uncanny. And this happens at the same time as the bass is tighter and deeper.

And the "wobbly" thing? There is a slight tendency, but the speakers feel stable and secure enough. And, as it does not muddle the sound (just the opposite!), then there is nothing to worry about.  Because muddling the sound was what the Valhalla spike feet I told you about did, although the sound got warmer and smoother.

So thank you for a fantastic product!
Best Regards From A Happy Listener,
Trond Feiring (Norway)

Hi Joe:

I managed in the end to get the four Footers in their correct position under the CD-player and what is the verdict? First: they look nice under the CD-player - and I have got rid of a big shelf and some big ugly wooden cones. And the sound? You know: the improvement a short time ago because of the Speaker Mounts was so great that in a way things couldn`t get any better! And I had just got used to that new sound and not quite got it fixed in my "sound memory" - if you get my meaning. So what is due to the Footers and what is due to the Speaker Mounts can be a bit difficult to ascertain.  But, I have a distinct impression that there is a clear and definite improvement in the same direction as with the Speaker Mounts: more easy and natural-flowing music, a bigger soundstage stretching far back in the room (and out of the room) - and easier to define the different strands in the music.

So to conclude: all that work with weighing and thinking and adjusting has certainly not been in vain!

The bass was tighter, the music even more natural than before, extremely non-fatiguing, and a huge soundstage. I was really amazed.

So yes, your products have been a revelation!

Trond Feiring (Norway)


I am most impressed with the results of your SM-2 Speaker Mounts (used as rack-mounts). They are far superior to the Monaco spikes, in fact it is hard to believe just how ineffective the spikes were at shutting out vibration. Your mounts really cleaned things up - got rid of some harshness in the mid/top end, clarified the whole soundstage with a nice, even tonal balance and added more detailed and impactful bass. The presentation is more holographic, warmer and natural. 

Incidentally, your Mounts look much better than the spikes, creating an impression of complete solidity to the stand. The cost benefit ratio for the SM-2's was very good. This was not a small improvement but a major step forward.  Had I not taken it I could have spent thousands on room treatments etc without any satisfaction, or at least failure to resolve issues that were due to stand vibration.  I think the more you get into true high-end, the more important these issues become.  If only more people realized the importance of properly executed vibration control.  I'm glad you did. 

Thank You, 
Gedas Laurinaitis (Austrailia)




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